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Dec. 14th, 2010


(no subject)

Around the corner, a three years old Kakashi is very much lost and confused. Wherever he is, he knows it isn't home. And so like the prodigal little ninja that he is, Kakashi quietly walks down the hall, sticking to the shadows as he tries to figure out the layout of this building.

If push comes to shove if he finds himself in any danger, he could always call on one of his father's summons.

(ooc: i-is anyone still in this comm?)

Nov. 20th, 2010

n:: contemplating


(no subject)

Naruto is bored. Which he could probably curb by going outside or pestering friends, but he doesn't feel like it today. He's just sort of... not in the mood, so to speak. And this room is strange and new, so he might as well explore a little. It seems nice, definitely feels like a place he'd like to kick back and relax, or hang out with his friends. Heck, if he's lucky he might find a room with training equipment so he can burn off energy when he needs to.

He flops down on a couch, and looks around, getting comfy. Yeah, he could like it here for days like today, when he's feel more introspective and quiet than anything.

Oct. 12th, 2010


(no subject)

[You open the door to this room and suddenly you are in a dark alleyway, the only source of light is the stars above and there are strange sounds coming from a few feet away. Your feet lead you down the street, until you are in the open of the town. This town seems familiar...it looks like Konoha, but at the same time--]

Hey! Move!

[You are suddenly pushed backwards, against the wall as a girl in black  combat boots, a  black coat and a ...pink nightgown? stands in front of you, behind you another figure goes flying, making curious moaning sounds. '

Uhhhhhh'..as you look behind you you're startled to see that it's hardly a person at all, more like a corpse, it's skin oddly green in the torchlight, oh and it's slowly starting to stand up, moaning. ]

Hey, what part of running don't you understand?!

[The girl turns possibly familiar green eyes at you, her pink hair swept in her face, of course, this is ridiculous, you're a shinobi, you can handle someone dressed up as a zombie, right? Right? You make those familiar handsigns, as this familiar girl gawks at you, her face twisted in irritation]

the hell are you doing? You're getting in my way! [Why aren't your jutsus working? And wait you can't even utilize your chakra..this girl doesn't seem to care, and you see a black-fist complete with what looks like mini-vials of water on the big brass knuckles of iher glove colliding in the face of the corpse, as the girl huffs, gives you one contemptous stare and sprints ahead.
Behind you the zombie explodes on impact from her fists, at this rate, powerless, maybe it's best to follow--

But she's already running off, shapes blurring in front of you, whatever they are, they're fast.  Curious thing, they seem to have fangs. Hm.  That doesn't seem to bother this night-gown wearing girl, who seems to be growing a wooden stake out of the toe of her boot, jamming it right into one of the figures under the street lamps, jamming the back of her heel into the other as they both explode into ashes.

Wobbling back over to you, she clutches her shoulder, glaring at you. ]

Are you stupid or something? Get your ass home, it's not safe for civilians to be out this late.

[ooc; Halloween will be coming soon, so why not have a zombie and vampire infested room? You can't use your powers here, unless of course you're an exorcist..or more known as a hunter. Don't worry, maybe Hunter Sakura has spare crucifixes in her pretty thigh-high boots. :)]

Oct. 3rd, 2010

'Mm not pouting.


(no subject)

[Kakashi's been wandering this fair for a few hours now, slightly awed at the spinning rides, giant ferris wheel, and all the strange games on the Midway. Games he could easily win if he wanted to carry around a ridiculously large stuffed animal, but that just seems inconvenient.

He's getting hungry though, so he's made his way over to the food stands only to find that... he has no money.

Six years old or not, no money means no food. And he's not willing to steal for it, he's not that hungry yet.

Come on, you know you want to treat him. Just look at that pout. :c ]

Sep. 25th, 2010


(no subject)


You loser! You totally suck as a ninja!

Guess what? You'll NEVER get it back!

ooc So yeah, man. Six year old!Naruto stole something important from you. YOU GONNA TAKE THAT?

Sep. 22nd, 2010


F-First time...be gentle..

[So there's this Sakura right? You know they travel in packs, well, not really, you see the roaming the internet. Anyway. When you're a girl there is this special time of the month that visits, and when that time comes, things...well, become interesting--like right now, as a Sakura kicks the door down, looking particularly pissed.]

Where is the chocolate?
[she grinds her teeth together, searching through a room full of cabinets. Almost ripping the door down, she searches, throwing various items, one of them might be hitting you in the face if you haven't already wet yourself.]

It was right there. had it. They knew better than to take it from me, dammit...JERKS!

[she then begins to sniff, wiping her eyes before throwing the cabinet..clear across the room. ]

[ few more minutes, and she's too focused on looking for the chocolate, kicking down one of the shelves and forgetting you were even there.]

[ooc; Total crack, she's from recent canon, but she's also on her period so she's blurting out random things. And looking for chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Um, b-be gentle this is my first time..that still sounds wrong but wlkjfalkejfw..like anyone will reply to this. xD;; B);]

Aug. 27th, 2010


(no subject)

[Sasuke doesn't seem to have any clue where he is, but that doesn't stop him from frantically finding shelter. He's wearing a hooded, plain black cloak and ducks into the closest door he comes across. When he finally realizes that his surroundings have changed...

He stops completely, glancing down the dark, dank hallway. He hesitates for a moment before advancing further down the hall, leaving the hood up. In fact, he reaches up to tug the material further down. He doesn't want to be seen, in case he spots someone looking for him.

He stops in front of a random door, and just pushes the door open. He flinches at the sudden flare of light before his eyes adjust, revealing a rather depressing-looking bar. A quick glance over shows that the place is very sparsely populated, and he doesn't see anyone he knows... Good. He can finally relax a little.

Sasuke sits down on the furthest stool from the door he entered and pulled down the hood of his cloak.

Damn his was thirsty. Red wine would have to do for now. Assuming they had it, anyway.]

Aug. 4th, 2010


fresh tomato coming through~ /shot

[ Greetings! Today we bring a very different Sasuke; while he's your usual handsome, dark haired looking Uchiha, he's not your typical Sasuke! If you happen to see him walking around casually in the place, you are free to figure out how why he's so different.

We give you two scenarios under the cut!Collapse )

[ ooc: I'm a friend of medictfists, and I decided to bring a Sasuke here! He's your usual Sasuke, however he has some quirks, as stated. He is a very fourth-wally type concerning variations and AUs and all that crap. He knows. But he doesn't know the exactly events of your AU if any, though he would know if you were from a certain point in the series where he was actually present. So yeah. Here goes nothing! ]

Jul. 31st, 2010


(no subject)

[Looks around though he can't see much in his nearly blind state, but this place definitely does not feel like the  Akatsuki hideout where he's supposed to be with Madara, expecting the transplantation of Itachi's eyes, yet here he is in the middle of nowhere, somewhat confused, nearly blind and definitely not amused but even in this situation the dark and cold expression that spells trouble for anyone who approaches him remains on his face . Someone's going to pay for this.]

... Madara?

[ OOC note: Have another Sasuke from recent Canon. This one killed Danzo, fought Team 7 but did not get Itachi's eyes transplanted yet and is, therefore, nearly blind, yet despite his condition he'll probably attack any Leaf shinobi he sees... and anyone else who's not Zetsu, Madara or is associated with Uchiha clan.You can expect from him pretty much everything you'd expect from Canon Sasuke. Pester him? ]

[P.S. Thanks for the attention and don't be too hard on a newbie? Please?]

Jul. 29th, 2010



(no subject)

[It's night, and the stars have been talking amongst themselves for some time now as the leaf nin sits down below, back against a wall, looking out from his earthly abode; always looking out. He remains seated, a thoughtful look on his face, until he finally reveals his thoughts.]


[He peers up at the glittering night.]

I want to touch them. 

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