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Welcome to narudressroom! A Naruto-verse dressing room rp. Bring your ninjas' rp journals, post in, and have fun.

We now have an AIM chatroom! Invite yourself to narudressroomchat!


1. No wanking, flaming and/or trolling. It's rude, tasteless, and disrespectful. Leave it off the comm, please. You will be banned after one (1) warning and the post/comment in question will be deleted.

2. Leave your drama at the door. Nobody wants drama in an rp, end of story.

3. If you are going to post something with adult content, excessive language, or manga spoilers within the last five (5) chapters, please put it under a cut with a warning that the material is not safe for work or has spoilers. If someone's trying to catch up but they like playing here, they wouldn't like getting spoiled. You get one (1) warning for language, content, and spoilers.

3.b. If you insist on doing a large image, image-heavy, or a video post, put it under a cut because there are people that still use dial-up. Just mark that it was not cut icly with a warning. Common courtesy, people. :)

4. If you've got a journal from a dead rp, unused journal, etc. you are free to use it here.

5. OC's will be allowed on a trial basis for the first month. After a month, we'll make a final decision on whether they can stay or not.

5.b. Don't be mean to the OC's. This is supposed to be fun for everyone, right? Let the OC muns have fun too.

6. Please do your best to stay in character. You may not have to apply, but that's no reason to play OOC.

7. Keep in mind that there will most likely be multiple versions of your character. Everyone plays them a little bit differently. This may be due to what rp they're from (ex. Alternate timeline, pulled into a different world from another) or just various events in general from whatever rp community they're with. Have fun with that.

8. (I'm hoping this rule is both wasted space and common sense if you've rped before.) Godmodding is bad. Don't do it. Ever. All offenders are handed over to Orochimaru for experimentation.

9. If you've got a problem with another mun, take it up with them outside of the comm. If it persists, talk to Tophie.

9.b. If you've got a major problem (or a continuing situation), bring evidence (screens and/or logs) and we'll see if we can settle it. Just saying "so-and-so is being mean to me" isn't going to cut it.

10. If you've got an rp to pimp out, do it on our affiliate narurpdirectory.


Grounds for Banning
~If you make a second offense in any of the following categories:
-Flaming, wank, trolling, and drama
-Uncut language, nsfw material, and spoilers
~Cases in image/video posts will go to mod discussion.


Name: Tophie
AIM: metalbender pwns
Personal LJ: later_days

Name: Los
AIM: cellardoorsky
Personal LJ: cellardoorsky

Name: Lee
AIM: magellan5
Personal LJ: immelmanturn


narurpdirectory- A Naruto RP Advertising Community
preplay_rp- A Multifandom Muse Testing Ground (but feel free to stick around longer :D)
digitaldressing- A Digimon Dressing Room rpg

If you want to affliate with us, im metalbender pwns, or
message her lj.

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